The Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (HKSSPC) 2021 is jointly organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, and supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission and the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences.

The Competition aims at promoting the interest of youths in science and technology, developing their creativity and scientific mindset through better understanding and innovative application of science and technology, and inspiring their intellectual and career interest in science and technology, as well as bringing creative ideas for social innovation.
Inspiration from Living ‧ Innovation from Science
Sustainable Development (refer to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations)
Date of important event

14 March 2021 (Sun) : Deadline for Nomination of Projects

27 June 2021 (Sun)Deadline for Submission of Projects

7 August 2021 (Sat)Initial Judging cum Project Exhibition

8 August 2021(Sun)Final Judging cum Award Presentation Ceremony

Schedule of Events (New)

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Divisions (New)

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Awards (New)
  • Junior and Senior Division
    • Invention and Investigation Projects
    • Champions, 1st Runner-ups, 2nd Runner-ups, Honorable Mentions
    • Invention and Investigation Design Proposals
    • Gold Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award
    • Best Newcomer Award
    • Best Potential Award
    • Sustainable Development Award
    • Social Innovation Award
    • Best Booth Presentation Award
    • Visitors' Favourite Award
  • Scientific Wallchart Division
    • First Prizes and Second Prizes
  • Winning teams of Junior and Senior Division may be sponsored to participate in overseas exchange programme.
  • Winning teams Junior and Senior Division may be sponsored to participate in a Science and Technology Exchange Programme.
  • Book coupons will be given to winning teams of all divisions as award.

*All awards are subject to change according to no. of participating teams and the overall performance.

Rules and Regulations
  1. All participants are required to attend the Intellectual Property Webinar.
  2. An entry that has been submitted to other competitions or exhibitions in previous school years will be accepted, provided that the entry has not received any awards. Entries submitted to other competitions or exhibitions in the 2020/21 school year will also be accepted. If a participant has sought advice/assistance from any person, including his/her supervisor and assigned advisor, acknowledgement should be given to them in the application form and report.
  3. The science projects submitted must be original work by the teams which should NOT infringe on the copyright of any third parties. All sources of information quoted in writing must be explicitly acknowledged. All participants should strictly comply with the Copyright Ordinance. All materials used in the project, including pictures and music if any must be original, royalty-free or authorized by the originator(s). Otherwise, the team will be disqualified.
  4. The organizers accept no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of any copyright issues.
  5. The judging process might be video recorded or live-streamed for educational and non-commercial purposes, the videos might be edited, transferred, duplicated, and uploaded to the HKSSPC website or other social media platforms later.
  6. The copyrights of the photos and videos of all activities, and science projects are deemed the properties of the organizers and the teams jointly. Once the application form is submitted, means that the teams agreed that the organizers have the rights to edit, delete, duplicate, file, transfer, issue or display the photos and videos of all activities, and science projects for educational or other non-commercial purposes.
  7. Score sheets will not be distributed to teams. The decisions reached by Judging Panel for the results of competition shall be final, participating teams shall not object. The Organizers reserve the right to forfeit the award(s) from the winning team(s) and transfer the award(s) to such other suitable participants if the winning team(s) is / are disqualified for any reason at the discretion of the organizers, including breach of and / or non-compliance with the rules and regulations.
  8. Each team from each division could apply for the HKD250 subsidy for project development. (The subsidy could only be used for materials of project research and exhibition booth decoration.)
FAQ (New)

If my team couldn’t conduct experiments or produce an actual prototype under COVID-19 for project submission, what should we do?

You may consider submitting your project in the “Design Proposal Project Type”. Please refer to the extended abstract template and judging criteria for more details on the requirement.

Can our team submit project in the Design Proposal Project Type if we have experimental data or invention prototype for the project?

No, you cannot compete in the Design Proposal Project Type if there is experimental data/ an actual model for the project.

Will the Design Proposal Project Type be judged with the traditional Invention and Investigation Project Type?

The Design Proposal Project Type will not be judged with the traditional Invention and Investigation Project Type. The project requirement and judging criteria of different project types are different.

Can I join the Junior and Senior Divisions alone?

No, you could only join these divisions by forming a team with 2-5 team members.

Could Junior Form students (F.1-3) join the Senior Division and Senior Form Student (F.4-6) join the Junior Division?

Junior Form students could form team with Senior Form students for the Senior Division, while all team members in the Junior Division must be F.1 to 3 students and aged under 17 years old.

Are participants compulsory to join all the workshops and organization visits?

The workshop and visits are optional for teams to participate, and it is enrolled on a first come first serve basis.

Does my project necessary to be related to the subtheme “Sustainable Development”?

It is optional for teams in the Junior and Senior Division to develop their projects in relation to “Sustainable Development”. But for Scientific Wallchart Division, students are required to produce and submit an A1 poster with topic related to “Sustainable Development”.

Where could I find my Team Number?

The team number could be found in the Upload System. You may login the System with the Team Leader’s Email and Supervisor’s Email.

How do I know if I successfully enrolled in the competition?

Successfully enrolled teams will receive a confirmation email from the secretariat. The secretariat will further review the team enrollment and follow-up with those are not eligible.

Could Scientific Wallchart Division winning students be nominated to overseas exchange programme?

Only winning teams from the Junior and Senior Division will be nominated to overseas exchange programme.

Will there be electricity provision at the booth for Initial Judging?

Yes, sockets will be provided to teams at their exhibition booths on Initial Judging for the use of the project. Prior request of electricity is required. For charging electronic devices, such as computers, tablets and phones, etc, on-site registration and the use of the charging area at the competition venue is required.

Could I change my project title and type after registration?

Yes, you could change the project title and type before the Deadline for Submission of Projects. However, any change request made after the Deadline for Submission of Projects will not be accepted. Please send the change request to sspc@hkfy.org.hk.

Could I submit project that get awards from other competitions?

Projects submitted to other competitions or exhibitions before 2020/21 school year but not awarded, or in the current 2020/21 school year will be accepted.

Will the project material subsidy cover the cost of research paper subscription?

Yes, but the total subsidy for each team is 250 HKD only.

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