HKSSPC 2022 Design Thinking Workshop

The Design Thinking Workshop was held on 28 December (Tue) from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at Conference Hall 01 – 02, Phase I, Hong Kong Science Park. During the workshop, participants actively engaged in different sessions, including the group interaction, user experience, users interview for feedback, idea brainstorming, and put themselves into the set scenes, thought from the users’ actual needs, unleash their creativity to work out innovative solutions towards the problems.

It is believed that the participants learnt a new mode of thinking through this workshop, enhancing their problem solving ability, and visualize their ideas to solutions through drawing and supplement with writing, in order to design suitable products, services or experiences for the users.

It is hoped that participants can apply this thinking mode in developing their projects for the competition, and improve the innovativeness, practicality and feasibility of the project to the next level.