HKSSPC 2021 Sharing Session with Advisors

The Sharing Session with Advisors was held on 29 April (Thur) online via Zoom, a total of 19 schools and 91 teachers and students had joined the event. The organizers had invited 10 advisors from different universities and institutes to share with the participants their science knowledge and experience on scientific research, as well as answer any queries the teams had in their projects. 

Participants actively participated in the sharing by sharing their project progress, research direction and ideas, consult and listen to the professional advice from advisors, as well as learn and exchange mutually through the sharing of other teams. 

The advisors gave some general advice and reminders to all participants for reference, participating teams could grasp the remaining time to further develop the invention and investigation projects.

  1. Students should be aware on the practicality and feasibility of projects, and it is important to think from the users’ perspectives
  2. Literature review is an important and compulsory step in the a science project, doing a thorough research and learning more about existing technologies or devices could help to develop a clearer direction of your project, strengthen your understanding of the topic and facilitate enhancement on such technology/devices. Also, please note that referencing and citation in your projects are necessary, Projects that infringe copyright and conduct plagiarism are misconduct and will be considered disqualified. Originality and innovativeness is an important elements in developing your project. If you have missed the Literature Review Webinar before, please check your email to get the link for playback. 
  3. Experimental data should be properly treated and analyzed to make the project sound and valid. Data is valuable resource and evidence to support your hypothesis and prove your project’s effectiveness. If you have missed the Data Analysis Workshop before, please check your email to get the link for playback. 
  4. Invention projects should be validated with clear implementation plan and experiments, scientific theories should be well applied on to the prototype. 
  5. The judging criteria and extended abstract sample will be a useful guideline and reference for you to develop your project, please go through these documents for better science exploration 
  6. Please be reminded to follow the laboratory guidelines by EDB whenever you conduct any experiment and make sure all tests will be run under appropriate safety measures. 

if you have any queries or need additional consultation, please feel free to email the advisors for more advice or contact the Secretariat.